Just me

China Clay Trail around St.Austell

Cornwall is my home. It's not where I was born - that was Leicestershire - but here I feel settled.  Just me, my cat Jasper, a small cottage and a large 'garden in the making'. I moved here having got tired of working in the Civil Service in London; wanting a quality of life that London couldn't give me anymore.

I have the best family in the world and equally the best friends (dotted around the country and a few international ones too) who support me in everything that I do even though, sometimes, they may not understand my decisions!

My reason for starting this blog was to record my efforts in developing a garden from scratch, be they a success or failure.  When I moved here there was nothing but weeds and wildflowers from the first fence to the hedge bordering onto the fields at the back. Over time, I hope to have a formal space to relax in, with a lawn, flower borders and a place for dining/drinking with friends; a 'working' area for vegetables, fruit and chickens and finally a smaller wild space for just sitting and thinking or watching nature do it's thing.

How long it will take, who knows? I have no plan other than the ideas that pop into my head and to see this as a project to enjoy and not something that becomes a chore. Thinking about it, that's how I see my life too.