Monday, 18 October 2010


As kids me, my sister and brothers had our own patches in our home garden where we could grow what we wanted.   I didn't really take advantage of this, growing the odd pack of flower seeds and probably killing more than I actually grew. Since then I haven't had my own 'patch' until 3 years ago......when I was 45!  in fact, I bought the cottage because of the land that went with it. It'd been a garden about 30 years ago but left to it's own devices since.  6 foot weeds and wild flowers from top to bottom. It suited me just fine; something I could get my teeth into - not a garden make over, more of a garden project.

I've spent the last 3 years digging, lopping, strimming and planting with help from friends, neighbours and family whenever they visit.  The threat of having a spade shoved into their hands doesn't seem to have put them off!  I now have one area of the garden that is lawned with borders.  I'm slowly building up the plants in that area and this year I've managed to put in some raised beds, build a compost bin and install a shed (well, I dug the area and my neighbour put the shed up for me) in what is affectionately known as 'The Field'. This is the area on the other side of the fence to the lawn.  This area has been mainly left for the first 3 years, getting strimmed occasionally and has played host to a thriving rabbit warren until I got Jasper from the Cat Protection last year who's spent his time hunting in the field and has racked up 9 rabbits (that I know of) and I've had no sign of them since!

I planted 4 apple trees in The Field this year and although you're not supposed to let them fruit the first year I was so excited that I left a handful on and have had the pleasure of my own apple and blackberry (picked from my hedge) crumble for the first time.  A small achievement some may think but a pleasure all the same!

So here I am, the compost is rotting nicely, the raised beds have been treated to some horse manure for the winter and I'm starting to make a list of what I want to grow in them next year.  There's even thoughts of installing a chicken run next year and buying 2/3 chucks to provide eggs and manure for the garden.

This is my garden diary, I suppose.  A place where I can record what's going on in the garden and any new ideas/questions that I might have on it's development.  From time to time I'll be seeking advice on various things and hoping that if anyone reads this they'll be able to help out.

I've put some images on as to what the garden looked like when I first moved in  and various stages along the way to now.  On days when I feel I haven't been out in the garden enough it helps me to look at them and see how much has actually been done in the time I've had.


Dancin' Fool said...

Hello! Top start Bud, I did not know you all had a piece of your folks garden as kids, that's very cool.

Looking forward to seeing some images of your progressions with the garden.

Bye for now!

Sensory Dragon said...

Cheers! attempting to get some photos on as a slideshow as the moment. watch this space....

Dancin' Fool said...

Hey cool slide-show!!!!!

Sensory Dragon said...

Thanks; and thank you for the welcome on your blog.....that was lovely!

bowledover said...

Hi I just dropped by from In The Pink and am enjoying seeing what you have done with your garden.
Wonderful work and so rewarding.
Looking forward to more up dates.
May the sun always shine for you and rain only at night, when it is most beneficial.

Claire said...

Hello fellow new blogger! Dancin' put a nice message up on her blog about your new blog (phew this is getting confusing already!), so I thought I would take a look. Really nice blog and being a bit of a gardener myself, albeit with a garden the size of a postage stamp myself these days, I really look forward to reading all your posts. Dancin has been very encouraging all the way; it's fun isn't it?!

Nice to read your blog and enjoy your gardening! Claire

Dancin' Fool said...

You are welcome Bud, by the way I love the shot of you in the garden, hands on hips, it says to me 'This is my garden, and I mean business!'.

Dancin' Fool said...

Hey Bud! My sister recommended this blog for you to check out created by a fellow gardener. It looks really good and she seems keen to share tips on all sorts.