Sunday, 24 October 2010

Garden Ideas

So there I was last Tuesday, sitting on the train to London on my way to the International Dementia Conference run by DSDC.  I always enjoy this train journey; the section that runs right along by the beach at Teignmouth and up along the estuary to Exeter is so engaging - whatever the weather.  Then it reaches the open fields and hedgerows around Newton Abbot.   At this point my thoughts turned to the garden and ideas for the future. I don't plan to do too much with the area at the top of the field, just planting a few small trees and encouraging the bluebells and daffodils to grow up there; I wonder if I could transplant some of the smaller hazel trees up there?  The ones that aren't yet fruiting? A quick call to Dancin' Fool or Mr. Dancin' should provide the best advise!  Hmmm, a small wildlife pond up there would be lovely - with a seat nearby for quiet contemplation perhaps?  I will enquire!

A sudden realisation that I've still got some sloes in the freezer (picked from the hedgerows at work) had me reaching for my phone.  A quick look on Google offered suggestions such as Sloe Gin,  Sloe Cheese (apparently NOT cheese!) and Sloe Chutney.  Those who know me would automatically assume that I'd lean towards the gin; but I'm intrigued by the cheese that's not cheese and is, in fact, a thick fruit paste that goes lovely with cheese (ironically), fruit and nuts. I wonder if I have enough sloes...........

My thoughts turn back to the garden and the fact that by the time I get back from London I won't have done anything in it for almost two weeks.  That, and the fact that the clocks will be changing soon, leads me to realise that the time of being a weekend gardener is almost upon me.  I'll come home from work and it'll be too dark to do anything in the garden; work-wise at least.  There'll still be chances to light the brazier and watch the bats looping around The Field or star-gazing on a clear night so I'll still get to enjoy my garden even if the time to make alterations is limited to a few hours at the weekend.

Ok, so it's time to make a list of garden jobs I can do in the autumn.
  1. Begin hedgelaying at the top of The Field
  2. Cut back the overgrown hedges in The Field
  3. Get some ground cleared and the fruit cage erected
  4. Prepare an area for the future chicken run
Well that'll do to be getting on with! Hopefully the weather will be kind this autumn; lots of sunny, crisp, dry weekends - well, you never know!

On the up-side, darker evenings will provide the opportunity to pursue my newest interest - stop  motion animation.  There's an orange cat in the kitchen waiting to be completed and a new flexible web cam waiting to be tried out............................another time perhaps.  I think I'll put more down about the garden, the conference and the weekend in a few days.   There's a glass of wine calling me from the fridge. 


Dancin' Fool said...

That sounds like a great winter plan. How did the hedge go today?

Sensory Dragon said...

I've got some pictures of the girls helping me to trim the box hedge ready for a bench so I'm going to put them up later. I'm suddenly seeing how wide The Field actually is!

Dancin' Fool said...

Cool! Still room for that swimming pool afterall then?!?

Sensory Dragon said...

I'm thinking room for a hot tub and music/animation studio.......not good with water and swimming!

bowledover said...

Hi there.
If you do go in for Sloe Gin, save the sloes after their gin soak and coat them with melted chocolate.
Chill and eat when you like ,not while driving or using machinery as they are very alcoholic.
Dancin' can tell you a lovely story about these.
The curd/ cheese can also be made with elderberries or quince and is lovely.

Sensory Dragon said...

Thanks Bowledover - those sloe chocolates sounds like a grand idea for Christmas! I don't have any elderberries left for the 'cheese' but it's one to remember for next year. Keep the great ideas coming!